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War in Heaven!

Surviving the End Times


War in Heaven!

by Carmen Welker


Most end times books and articles concentrate on the meanings and symbols contained in the Books of Daniel and Revelation and offer endless theories about how the end times will unfold according to their particular perspectives. But hardly anyone ever stops to ask: WHY are we in the end times, in the first place?

The plain and simple answer is: Mankind as a whole is not obeying God and the time has come for Him to put an end to our nonsense! Yahweh, our Creator, outlined in the first five Books of the Bible exactly who He was, how to properly worship Him so that we could live holy lives and obtain eternal life through His Messiah - and yet mankind has managed to ignore His Divine Instructions and concoct myriad religions and denominations, while arrogantly espousing "tolerance" and insisting that "all paths lead to God." Whether one "believes" in God or not, we will all find ourselves as victims as end times events unfold and there is only one way to survive!
"And There was War in Heaven" strives to unravel the mystery of the end times from a Netzari/Messianic perspective, boldly illustrating, among other things, that our disobedience is one of the reasons for the end times dilemma we all face.

Publication Date:  Dec 12 2009
ISBN/EAN13:  1934916048 / 9781934916049
Page Count:  276
Binding Type:  US Trade Paper
Trim Size:  6" x 9"
Language:  English
Color:  Black and White
Related Categories:  Religion / Biblical Commentary / General

About the author:
Carmen Welker was born Jewish in a small German village not far from the Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp. After moving to the United States as a child in the early Sixties, she became a citizen and eventually made the U.S. Army her career. A former military journalist, she is now a Netzarim (Messianic) Rabbi who spends her time leading others to the Truth of Messiah Yeshua and the need for Torah.



War in Heaven!


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