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  Should Christians Be Torah Observant?

Should Christians be Torah Observant?  Here is a very well written book by an award winning journalist who writes about her spiritual journey with LOTS of Scripture and explanation that is tailored to a Christian audience.  We very highly recommend this book for relatives, friends of those who are already Torah observant.  This book will help Christians realize that their fear of Torah is simply because they have not seen Torah through the eyes of Mashiyach, but through status quo religion like Catholicism etc.


The quotations in this book are very well researched and come from the most ancient Aramaic texts available.  It is also a beautifully written book from the heart and in addition to the very truthful way the Scriptures are being presented this book will also entertain you.  The author's life experiences are vivid and combined with a compelling call to return to Mashiyach you will not be able to put it down.


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Should Christians Be Torah Observant?

The Workbook


This will challenge you to rethink everything you've learned about God and the Bible. This workbook contains basically the same information as the book of the same name, and the only thing you will need to participate in this amazing study is your Bible. This eye-opening study, depending on how much work you do during each session, can take as little as one week to complete - or it may take up to eight weeks, if done at the rate of one chapter per week.



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The Wheel of Stars was an essential component of the ancient Biblical calendar that uses the sun, moon and stars to determine time.  The ancient knowledge base that contains all three of these elements reveal the signs, seasons, days and years of the calendar that has been lost for nearly 2,000 years until now!  With the help of computers, science and modern technology, deeply embedded codes within the calendar have been discovered to show profound elements of our past, present and future.



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