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Aramaic English New Testament

by Andrew Gabriel Roth


The Aramaic English New Testament by Andrew Gabriel Roth is the most definitive Aramaic to English translation that has come forth in nearly 2,000 years. Not only does this Aramaic based New Testament Bible render the Ancient Aramaic in a way that is easy for every English reader to understand, but it investigates nuances, poetry and hidden codes of the New Testament that until now have only been available to Hebrew and Aramaic scholars. Compiled, Edited & Translated with consultation to both Ancient and Modern Authorities including the Khabouris Codex and the 1905 Edition of the Syriac New Testament by the British and Foreign Bible Society.


Aramaic English New Testament Vol. 1 DVD

by Andrew Gabriel Roth


This DVD provides a wealth of information for Rabbis, Pastors, Priests and anyone who is interested to learn about the original language and culture of the New Testament.


The DVD includes a three part series on Aramaic Primacy featuring beautiful poetry, terms and definitions, underlying elements of Aramaic that were in the original text.



Should Christians Be Torah Observant

by Carmen Welker

If you have ever thought about how the original writings and teachings of Mashiyach Y'shua (Jesus) and his Apostles is different from modern Christianity, then here is the book for you!  Written by award winning journalist you will be inspired, challenged and entertained.  However, the authors goal is far more profound.  Carmen Welker aims to bring you back to the First Century teachings of Mashiyach himself enabling the reader to grow their relationship with the Savior of all.  We hope you enjoy reading and studying this book and look forward to your comments.


Should Christians Be Torah Observant:

The Workbook by Carmen Welker

Should Christians be Torah Observant? - The Workbook!

The Workbook will challenge you to rethink everything you've learned about God and the Bible. This workbook contains basically the same information as the book of the same name, and the only thing you will need to participate in this amazing study is your Bible. This eye-opening study, depending on how much work you do during each session, can take as little as one week to complete - or it may take up to eight weeks, if done at the rate of one chapter per week.



 War in Heaven: Surviving the End Times  

by Carmen Welker


Most end times books and articles concentrate on the meanings and symbols contained in the Books of Daniel and Revelation and offer endless theories about how the end times will unfold according to their particular perspectives. But hardly anyone ever stops to ask: WHY are we in the end times, in the first place?  The plain and simple answer is: Mankind as a whole is not obeying God and the time has come for Him to put an end to our nonsense! Yahweh, our Creator, outlined in the first five Books of the Bible exactly who He was, how to properly worship Him so that we could live holy lives and obtain eternal life through His Messiah - and yet mankind has managed to ignore His Divine Instructions and concoct myriad religions and denominations, while arrogantly espousing "tolerance" and insisting that "all paths lead to God." Whether one "believes" in God or not, we will all find ourselves as victims as the end times events unfold....


Rags to Rabbi

by Carmen Welker


"Rags to Rabbi" is Messianic Rabbi Carmen Welker's own story.  Born in post-war Germany, she was given away at birth and lived with a poor but loving foster family until age 9 when she was ripped from her foster home by her natural mother and her new husband (a raving pedophile) and taken to the United States where she was mentally and sexually abused throughout her childhood and moved from place to place. Seeking to escape her abusive past, Carmen joined the U.S. Army at age 18 where she ultimately made it to the top in the field of journalism.  Her personal life, however - thanks to the "baggage" that tends to follow us around - never got off the ground.  She was 44 years old before she discovered there was deliverance from the past - and it came from a place she least expected....


Understanding Foucault

by David A. Harbour

Imagine being an amateur telescope maker (ATM), and making your own telescope mirror with the help of the best of the best!  Your personal a guide to ensure success! Dave Harbour presents a thorough and informative instruction on just how to be sure the mirror is perfect! This book is a must for the ATM to accompany the classics of Porter, Texereau and others.



The Wheel of Stars was an essential component of the ancient Biblical calendar that uses the sun, moon and stars to determine time.  The ancient knowledge base that contains all three of these elements reveal the signs, seasons, days and years of the calendar that has been lost for nearly 2,000 years until now!  With the help of computers, science and modern technology, deeply embedded codes within the calendar have been discovered to show profound elements of our past, present and future.



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